Q, How long it take to arrive from the order?
A, it will be shipped in about two weeks from the start of production. However depending on the colors, the patterns and number of orders, it may take more time to produce. Please inquire at the time of request.
Q, Please tell me about payment method.
A, payment will be transferred to the designated banking account. Soon after the product is completed, we will contact you to send your payment. As soon as we can confirm it, we will ship out the products. In addition, transfer fee and shipping charges are paid by the customer. About shipping fee, please note that it will be cash on delivery.
Q, Please tell me about exchange/return of goods.
A, We carefully note the quality of goods and packaging, but please contact us within one week if there are breaks, product differences, quantity differences, or any kinds of mistakes. We will send you an exchange immediately. However, in the following cases, please understand beforehand that it can not be returned or exchanged.
· When the products are used by customer and damaged
· If there is no message for more than 1 week after delivery
Q, Please tell me about overseas orders and overseas shipment.
A, We also accept orders from overseas. First of all, please contact us specifying your wishes from inquiries. Payment will be a transfer to a designated Japanese banking account, so please make a payment by the method according to your country of residence. Regarding shipping, we will send it by designated international shipping service. Details will be announced at the time of estimate. Please note that the transfer fee and shipping fee will be borne by the customer.
Q, Can you make a temari that I designed?
A, It is possible. First of all, please contact us on the inquiry form clearly stating the contents of your design detail.
Q Please tell me more about change of color pattern.
A, You can choose the color pattern freely. First of all, please tell us that you wish to change the color pattern after clearly stating the product name and size you would like from the inquiry. We will make changes according to possible colors. In addition, please understand that the estimate may fluctuate depending on the type of color.
Q, I’d like to place an order with BOX ORDER on a size3 or larger hand.
A, Because we provide a wooden box on each SINGLE ORDER for large sized item, we do not accept BOX ORDER on any size lager than size 3. In addition, the price of the wooden box of size 3 or larger is all included in the item price.
Q, Do you have any retail store?
A, There is no current handling store. It will be sold only on this website.
Q, Can I order Sagemon-Set-Order for “SEKKU”?
A, it is possible. We will inform you of the details of the set, please contact us on your request after specifying your hope.
Q, Can you do work-shop for handmade temari production?
A, If you want learn or experience temari crafting, please contact us from inquiries.